On Saturday 22nd May I attended Barcamp Barnsley, the first Barcamp to be held in Barnsley which was sponsored and supported by the following Digital Media Centre, Enterprising Barnsley, Northern Net, BMedia, Green Communications and Screen Yorkshire. Attendance for the event was lower than what was expected with only about 60 participants turning up on the day.

Sessions I attended during the day included:

JQuery, your new best friend – Michael Heap
Michael kicked off the sessions by doing a quick introductory talk to JQuery and how it can be used in projects to make things easier such as Zebra Tables etc.

Geocaching, The GPS Game – Alistair McDonald
Alistair talked about Geocaching, a treasure hunting game in which you use a GPS device to find hidden caches. He talked about what makes it so addictive, the rules around Geocaching and the different types of caches available.

Linux from Scratch – Seb James
In Seb’s talk he went into describing the Linux From Scratch project and how he has used it to build very minimal Linux distributions for use with CUPS. He also mentioned some of the common pitfalls which you have to avoid when using Linux From Scratch.

Getting inspiration for photography – Me
In this session I gave examples of how we can get inspiration for photography when you aren’t really inspired to get out with the camera. You can read my session here: http://www.martincunningham.me.uk/blog/2010/04/22/getting-inspiration-for-photography/

Geocaching Trip – Alistair McDonald
Following his earlier session which introduced Geocaching, Alistair had decided to put a session on the grid which involved going out and trying to find a cache near the Digital Media Centre. Unfortunatly the cache couldn’t be found.

Running a Barcamp session – Marc Johnson
Due to the low number of sessions which were on the grid, Marc decided to do a talk about holding a Barcamp session, and what methods could be used. He also asked questions such as “Why wasn’t there may sessions on the grid?”.

Modern Day Interview – Me
Following the troubles I had of getting a job between the months of January – May, I decided to hold a session about job hunting and what people can expect in the modern day interview. A lot of discussion and views were given from the audience as some of them had been in the same situation.

Powerpoint Kareoke
Again due to low number of sessions being held throughout the day, Alistair and I decided to hold a Powerpoint Kareoke session to fill the last space on the grid. As always, a fun session to finish off the afternoon.

Don’t get me wrong, I thouroughly enjoyed Barcamp Barnsley. I enjoy every Barcamp I go to. However I found this one went very “slowly”, by that I mean there was a very small choice of sessions to attend and I couldn’t really “get into it”, no one was willing to put sessions on the grid and I feel if it wasn’t for Michael Heap, Alistair and I putting on two sessions each and even putting other sessions on such as lightening talks and Powerpoint Kareoke just to fill up the grid, this Barcamp would have been a bit “dead”.