Well I’ve finally caught up with myself after the weekend in which I hung out at the Redgate Software offices in Cambridge for Barcamb3. Barcamb3 was the 3rd Barcamp to be held in Cambridge and was organised by Lee Theobald and Vero Pepperrell and sponsorship was provided by Redgate Software, Paypal, Taylor Vinters Solicitors, Opportunity Links, Code Institute, Studio 24, Idea Space, Squizzle, Proactive and Cam Tech Net.

First day assignment at Redgate Software

Sessions I attended on Saturday

Personal Data and the Law – Drew Winlaw
Drew Winlaw from Taylor Vinters Solicitors gave one of the first talks of the day which revolved around your personal data and how the law comes into play. Drew discussed a number of things including Personal Data, The processing of that data, “Relevant filing system”, Data subject access requests, Confidential references, Legal advice and privileges, New monetary penalties and Cross border transfers of data.

Hi Jaxing links with JQuery – Jake Gordon
Jake Gordon works over at allyearbooks.co.uk which provides yearbook solutions to schools and colleges across the country. In this session Jake gave a demonstration of the site and how they are using Ajax to do cool stuff. He discussed the problems that they’ve had to face getting JQuery to work with certain things and how nothing is magical or secret when implementing Ajax into a project. Jake also talked about XHR requests, Bookmarkable URLs, IE and the YUI Browser History Manager.

How to give feedback online – Alistair
Alistair gave a round table discussion on how we should give feedback both online and offline.

Autism and the legal justice system – Jamie Knight
Jamie Knight gave a very interesting session regarding Autism and the legal justice system and how they helped him when he needed it most. He talked about the process and considerations which need to be taken such as Transport, Pre-visits, Video Connections, Safe Rooms and Middle-men.

Open Government – Dave Briggs
Dave Briggs gave a talk around the 4 elements of open government on the web. He covered topics such as Engagement, Open data and transparency, Collaboration and Co-creation and how the internet is not just another channel.

Test Driven Development
Michael Brunton-Spall and Tiest Vilee paired up for this talk in which they discussed pair-programming and Conway’s game of life. They also talked about un-balanced pairs and the pros and cons regarding pair-programming.

DevOps – Gareth Rushgrove
Gareth gave a session on DevOps and how it’s not just about deployment. He recommended tools such as PuppetLabs and Cucumber Nagios and discussed how these can make your life a lot easier.

Getting inspiration for photography – Me
After giving this session at Barcamp Bournemouth 2 a couple of weeks ago I thought I would give it again at this Barcamp. Instead of me explaining it here, it’s probably best if you go over to my write up of the session.

Drupal for good
This was a round table discussion on how a couple of guys are using the Drupal CMS to build Mountain Rescue Center websites. Topics discussed included How the site was put in place, The problems that they faced and Project Management.

Networking through the day

Sessions I attended on Sunday

Introduction to GIT – David Thompson
David Thompson gave this session on GIT covering What it is and what it isn’t, DVCS, GIT/=SVN and DAG. He also covered topics such as Pushing and Fetching, Hashes, Blob Trees and Commits, Built in branches, The Index, Quick repositories and Rebasing.

Desert Island DVDs – Which Films would you take?
I gave a small session in a hope to get people talking which revolved around the choice of taking films with you to a desert island. The answers given from the attendees were interesting.

Geolocation and Beer – Neil Crosby
Neil Crosby gave a demo on a weekend project that he has currently being working on called beernear.me which allows you to find beer close to your current position. He discussed the technologies used such as Static Google Maps, Translating of Lat/Long, Finding the user’s location, How to keep the user and the Google Local Search API. The slides for this presentation can be found over at slideshare.

80s Computers – Leeky
Leeky gave a fun talk on what computers he grew up with and the possibilities which they gave.

Creative Macro Photography – Caz Mockett
Caz Mockett gave this session based around creative macro photography. She showed the possibilities of Macro photography and covered topics such as Lighting, Focus and Depth of Field, Household Objects, Food and Drink, Natural World, Playing with scale, Abstract eye, Rainbow week and Thinking around the subject.

Wire Framing in Google Docs – Me

Whilst reading the YDN blog the Thursday before the event I noticed that someone had created a set of stencils which could be used for wire framing in Google Docs. This was a very simple show and tell session just to make people aware that there is more options out there for companies which are looking for a free wire framing alternative.

Vero Pepperrell wraps up the weekend

I really enjoyed this Barcamp and Redgate Software were great hosts. A big shout out and thank you has to go out to the organisers, sponsors and of course the attendees for making the weekend what it was.