On Monday 5th October I decided to go to the Newcastle Dorkbot event hosted at the Life science center in Newcastle, the event was based around three speakers covering three different topics: Live performance drawing, Arduino and a percussion instrument hacked together by Alistair.

The first talk/demonstration was given by Evan Raskob, he talked and demonstrated some of his live experiments in Live Drawing using JelloTail, and Cartoon Tenticles.

The second talk of the evening was given by Aaron Nielsen of Oomlout who recently moved to Leeds from Vancouver to develop his business of developing Arduino micro controllers, he gave a short presentation about the joys of Arduino and gave a small live demo. However I’m still asking the question “Is there any practical use for Arduinos or are they just a bit of geeky fun?

The third talk of the evening was given by Alistair Macdonald on his hack for Music Hack Day based in London earlier this year. The percussion instrument uses the Arduino and a small set of sequences, by tapping the lollypop sticks on glass bottles it makes and sound and simple notes. There is an in-depth write up from Alistair here.