Databases at the Bedson

Supermondays returned on 28th September to the Bedson Teaching center in Newcastle. Around 80 people attended to hear three speakers talking about the history of databases, SimpleDB, Google App Engine and RAQUEL.

Ross Cooney from Rozmic stood to the podium first of all, he talked about the history of databases, why they are important and some of the theory behind them including ACID and BASE. He also talked about CAP theorem and distributed databases.

David Lavery was up next, David talked about Amazon’s web service SimpleDB database product and Google App Engine.

David Livingstone from Northumbria university was the last speaker of the evening. He talked about and put forward a new database product called RAQUEL (Relational, Algebra, Query, Update, Executive Language) being developed at the university and how it is lego like in nature as it can use plugins and modules.


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